The Living Balance Sheet®


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The Living Balance Sheet® 

As a business owner, you have many responsibilities, and it can be difficult to balance your business needs with your personal finances. Coordination is key, as you juggle multiple contracts with various firms to provide security for your family and benefits to your employees. In order to understand the effects of your financial decisions, streamline costs, and plan for your future, you need an organized, integrated view of your financial decisions across your business and personal life.

The Living Balance Sheet® provides just that. A view which will help you maximize protection, minimize cost, and provide an impenetrable barrier to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build: your business and your personal assets.

With The Living Balance Sheet®,  Eagleston Financial Group delivers your entire financial picture on your own personal and secure website, available anytime you want it, from anywhere in the world.

Traditional balance sheets help determine net worth by subtracting liabilities from assets.  What makes The Living Balance Sheet® different and potentially very beneficial is the addition of Protection and Cash Flow analysis into the same view

By monitoring changes in assets, liabilities and cash flow, The Living Balance Sheet® may improve overall performance, minimize the impact of debt and taxes, and enhance your lifestyle.  It will help you maintain optimal protection against unexpected life events.

Watch the following videos to see how The Living Balance Sheet® can be a powerful tool to help you get organized and on track financially:

LBS Video


Financial Truths Video


With LBS, Clients of Eagleston Financial Group Can:

  • Document and analyze their current financial situation
  • Define risks, goals and visions
  • Identify roadblocks and opportunities
  • Design strategies to remove/minimize obstacles
  • Use professional assistance to implement the strategy
  • Measure the results regularly and adjust when necessary


Account Aggregation

Financial accounts you establish are aggregated daily from thousands of financial institutions, providing a consolidated view of recent changes.

The Vault

A highly secured storage facility, stores and protects valuable copies of personal documents, irreplaceable photos, videos and family histories. The Vault provides an online “safe deposit box” accessible from anywhere in the world with internet access anytime.

State-of-the-art Security

The security of your data is our top priority, that’s why we offer a system with the technology and processes to protect your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We combine world-class technology, with the best data storage facilities and lockdown privacy, to bring you a system where you can have peace of mind.
All of your financial information is secure and protected. Unlike online banking, online shopping or bill paying where money can be moved, The Living Balance Sheet is non-transactional


Watch the following video for more information regarding LBS Security: 




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